《The Journey of Love》Musical Tickets Selling Fast — 70 Years of Loving Taiwan- the Story of Doris Brougham

The Journey of LoveMusical Tickets Selling Fast
70 Years of Loving Taiwan- the Story of Doris Brougham

Studio Classroom, Heavenly Melody and All U People Theatre Director Hsieh Nien-chu’s joint production, The Journey of Love musical will debut on January 21-23, 2022 at Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei. The musical brings to the stage for the first time the life story of 95 year-old missionary, media pioneer and educator Dr. Doris Brougham.

Studio Classroom founder Dr. Doris Brougham was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. At 12 years old, she made a decision to become a missionary to China, and this commitment guided her life. To pursue this calling, she gave up a full scholarship to New York’s Eastman School of Music, left her parents, gave up romance and remained single all her life.

Brougham shared: “I followed the path God led me on. Others may think I gave up a lot, but what I received was far more than any loss. I have no regrets for choosing to follow this path.”

Studio Classroom Executive Director and the musical’s producer, Daniel Hsieh, expressed: “We are thrilled to share the story of Dr. Brougham’s incredible life with the world in 2022, Studio Classroom’s 60th anniversary year.”

Heavenly Melody Vice Director and the musical’s Musical Director, Mei Wang revealed that many times, she was moved to tears when listening to the music of the production. The musical also has fun, lively portions that remind her of a Disney musical. She invited the public to “Join us on this groundbreaking musical performance by Heavenly Melody.”

All U People Theatre Director Hsieh Nien-chu shared that Dr. Brougham’s life is one of love and selfless dedication, something that is rarely seen in the Chinese-speaking world. He concluded: “If you dream of a different way of living, if you feel life is so much more than accumulating money and fame, you can see a very different kind of life and values through watching The Journey of Love.”


Ticketing info: https://thejourneyoflove.ortv.com