HM Holds Training Workshop for Church Worship Teams


From August 17 to 20, Heavenly Melody held a three-day music training workshop for 60 worship team leaders from 14 churches. The training workshop included practical courses on voice training, choir harmony, and sound equipment training. Dr. Doris Brougham encouraged the worship leaders: “We sing music to God; we sing music for God. Many people in Taiwan do not know the Lord. When you sing, people will be touched and cry, and they will want to know the Lord.”


ORTV Executive Director and Heavenly Melody Director Daniel Hsieh shared: “We are thankful for the opportunity to build deeper connections with local churches, teach and learn from each other, and dedicate our best to God. Our hope is we can work together so more people can feel the presence of God and hear the Gospel.” Mei Wang, Heavenly Melody Deputy Director, elaborated: “We have prayed for this training for a long time. We are thrilled to partner with the churches and learn to serve as worshippers together. We hope that everyone who came can experience God in this workshop and witness God’s power.”


We thank God for the opportunity to help more churches through this workshop and look forward to holding more training workshops for worship leaders in the future.

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