Thank you for respecting our copyright. Heavenly Melody is committed to sharing the love of God through music around the world.  You are welcome to use our songs for your church’s Sunday worship services, choir performances, funerals, weddings, small group meetings, camps, special meetings and other church gatherings by clicking here: free downloads/ purchase downloads on Heavenly Melody’s website.  For these uses, you do not need to apply for copyright authorization.

Free downloads /purchase downloads on Heavenly Melody website

  • Download the lyrics of our songs for use in your event here: Lyrics PPT (free)
  • If you need to use Heavenly Melody’s sheet music (numbered musical notations or sheet music) to lead worship, piano accompiment, choir use, print in songbooks or put in published prdoucts, purchase the files and download them from Heavenly Melody’s website. 
  • To encourage churches to use Heavenly Melody’s songs to share the Gospel, churches that need to print over 40 copies of a single song only need to pay the price for 40 copies (960 NT), but can print over 40 copies.
  • If you need to buy a single song or accompaniment MP3, please purchase and download on Heavenly Melody’s website.

Situations that need Copyright Authorization

Apply for copyright authorization from Heavenly Melody in the following situations.

  • If you use Heavenly Melody music or accompaniment for your audio or video product which you will release and earn income on. If you re-record Heavenly Melody’s music for your audio or video product which you will release and earn income on.
  • If you use or re-record Heavenly Melody’s works, including for your soundtrack or background music, for radio broadcasting, TV, CF commercials, movies, etc., or online broadcasts.
  • If you use Heavenly Melody’s works for broadcasting in public spaces.
  • If you use Heavenly Melody’s works (numbered musical notations/ sheet music) for printed or published products to make a profit.

Heavenly Melody does not authorize the use of its works published within one year.
Heavenly Melody reserves the right to reject copyright authorization requests.

Heavenly Melody’s Cover Song Policy for YouTube

As Heavenly Melody has copyright protection on YouTube for its works, if you re-record a Heavenly Melody song and upload it to YouTube, your video may receive a copyright claim of violating Heavenly Melody’s copyright. To ensure this does not happen, please do the following before uploading your video to YouTube.

  • List in the beginning of your video the song’s name, composer name, lyricist name, and Heavenly Melody’s name (Heavenly Melody).
  • Write out the name of the song and Heavenly Melody in the title of your video.
  • Write in the video description the song’s name, composer’s name, lyricist’s name, and Heavenly Melody name (Heavenly Melody), and list Heavenly Melody’s official website and official YouTube channel.
  • If you upload a video to YouTube for non-profit use. For videos where ads are enabled, the ad revenue generated will go to Heavenly Melody. YouTube explanation

If you have any other questions, please email