The Journey of Love Debuts in Hualien, Brougham’s First Hometown in Taiwan

Studio Classroom, Heavenly Melody and All U People Theater’s co-production, The Journey of Love musical concluded two successful performances in Hualien on November 12 and 13. Both performances were sold out and were well-received.

It was an honor to have Hualien County Magistrate Hsu Chenwei attend the final performance and meet with Dr. Doris Brougham.


Hualien is the third city on the musical’s cross- island tour, but it held special significance for Brougham, as Hualien was her first hometown in Taiwan when she arrived on the island in 1951. Brougham spent several years in Hualien sharing God’s love to the locals and traveling to the mountains to live and teach among the Tayal tribe. Brougham taught music at Mt. Jade Seminary and started a church nearby. She often played her trumpet on the streets to attract more people to come to church. Hualien was also the place she first started recording Gospel and English radio programs.

Brougham was thrilled to bring the musical back to her first Taiwan hometown and spent time visiting old friends in the mountains prior to the performances. In spring 2023, we will continue bringing the musical to more large cities in Taiwan.

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1950-1959; Doris Brougham; Hualien; mountain work