Thank you for your respect and support for Heavenly Melody’s copyright. During this COVID-19 crisis, Heavenly Melody is authorizing the use of all our originals in pre-recorded/live stream/embedded video for online church services until further notice. As long as there’s no plan to monetize or publish our videos or recordings by selling or publishing in CD/DVD format or to profit through social media ads, no application or copyright payment will be needed. If you use Heavenly Melody’s songs, please include the copyright information (click here for our Copyright Policy) .If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us. In this difficult time, may we uphold each other in words of encouragement and prayers to ride out this storm in triumph together. May God’s peace be with you.


或出版,無社交網站廣告營利,僅須註明天韻版權資訊(*請點此 版權政策)

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