Heavenly Melody Audio Workshop – Sharing, Feedback and a Lot of Fun!

“Just now when we were practicing in small groups, the teacher will also help to answer many situational questions. For instance, every time before Sunday worship, the volume of each microphone would have been preset, but when met with the differences of every person in the habit of holding microphones as well as how loud or soft the person is, how can immediate adjustments be made on the main console so that every sound is balanced.” Nyan, who has been serving in the audio ministry of Danshui Truth Lutheran Church for more than three years now, followed closely right beside the teacher, seizing every opportunity to ask questions. Ray from Dazhi Presbyterian Church shared, “It was unexpected to be able to visit Heavenly Melody’s recording studio during this course. This is a very professional course. I feel that one day is insufficient. A few more classes should be added.”

Heavenly Melody Workshop – Audio Course held by Heavenly Melody Singers at Hsinchu and Taipei on August 17th and 24th, rounded off successfully. From planning the overall inspection of the audio equipment at churches to the hands-on practice in adjusting sound quality and volume during worship, several of Heavenly Melody’s senior audio engineers passed on as much as they know to the students. More than 200 people signed up for the two workshops. The participating students responded enthusiastically, and they all expressed the hope that Heavenly Melody can continue to offer other audio-related courses in the future.